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Article by AndLeadsA Startup when they start operating and trying to get their potential clients know about their services, it’s very important to choose a marketing method which will be most effective with less budget.
The outbound email marketing is one of the best marketing method which can be very helpful for startups to stand out of crowds. The following steps are very important to get success in outbound email marketing .

Potential clients list building:

The first milestone is building a strong, relevant and error free email list. Create a strategy and research what source will be most useful to acquire data (such as name, email address, title etc.) in this case you may use Google, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, various online directories and other sources. Create an instruction page with your criteria such as a LinkedIn search results or an online directory link that you would like to reach out to let them know about your products/services and try to write a complete guide.

Hire a freelancer:

Once you’ve done with the data acquisition strategy and instructions page. You can hire an independent freelancer and/or an agency to acquire required information from your instructions page. UpWork is the world’s no. 1 freelancer marketplace and you may hire freelancer from there. One of the UpWork agency called¬†AndLeads doing similar lists building and data acquisition work. You can hire them directly from here.

Once you’re done the above process you may choose an email marketing software as per your needs. And start sending emails but be careful that you’re not spamming or send only error free messages.

Contact us if you need any help and feel free to check out our services. Good Luck.

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